The Maritime Technology Cooperation Center for Latin America (MTCC-Latin America) is one of five specialized centers that form part of the Global MTCC Network (GMN).

Established by the International Maritime Organization with funds provided by the European Union. This network of Regional Centres was conceived as a mechanism to increase awareness and develop capacities to implement climate change mitigation measures to address greenhouse gas emissions from ships. These Centres are located in the Pacific Island, Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa regions.

The MTCC-Latin America was established in Panama, a country with an important tradition and relevance in the shipping world. The MTCC Latin America is hosted by the International Maritime University of Panama and benefits from vital cooperation and support from the Panama Maritime Authority, the Panama Canal Authority and the Central American Commission of Maritime Transport.

The MTCC-Latin America has a regional mandate and in cooperation with different key actors in the maritime transport sector seeks to promote the adoption of energy efficient technologies and practices that help to reduce greenhouse emission from ships. These stakeholders include maritime administrations, regional maritime port organizations, ship and port operators, training centers, non-governmental organizations and private entities, among others.