MTCC Latin America

Global Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre Network Officially Launched

Welcome to the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre – Latin America

Welcome to the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Latin American Region (MTCC-Latin America) located in the City of Panama, Republic of Panama.

Our main objective is to facilitate and promote the uptake of energy efficient technologies and management practices on board ship to reduce greenhouse emissions from ships. We invite all stakeholders and interested parties to visit our website and to participate in this initiative.


On June 13, 14 and 15, 2018, MTCC-Latin America held its First National Workshop on Technical Aspects of Energy Efficiency for Ships. This event took place in Panama City, Panama, and was attended by representatives of the Maritime Administration of Panama , industry service providers, universities and other training institutions of Panama. During this workshop the participants learned and updated their knowledge on key energy efficiency measures for ships, exchanged experiences and identified opportunities for the implementation of IMO applicable international standards.

Newsletter January – April 2018


1st National Workshop, Panama

First Regional Workshop

Official Launch of de MTCC-Latin America