Uptake of Ship Energy Efficient Technologies and Operations

Pilot Project 1

This pilot project will utilize the existing IMO regulations on ship energy efficient technologies and operations as a starting point to examine the barriers and constraints faced by regional ship owners and operators when implementing or planning to implement such provisions and moving towards low carbon shipping.

The study will be applied to relevant stakeholders in several participating countries whose vessels need to apply ship energy efficient provisions.

Furthermore, this pilot project will compare results, lessons learned and recommendations, and will incorporate them into the workshops organized by the MTCC-Latin America in the region for dissemination purposes.

Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection and Reporting

Pilot Project 2

With the upcoming entry into force of provisions for collection and reporting of fuel oil consumption data of ships, ship owners and maritime administrations are faced with the challenge of finding mechanisms and protocols to record and transmit the required information effectively, and making the data collection system compatible with other monitoring measures.

This pilot project will draw lessons and experiences in data collection and reporting that would facilitate maritime administrations responsibilities regarding collection and reporting of ships fuel oil consumption.

To this end, this pilot project will build on the experience of Latin American maritime administrations participating to identify required data, collect them from a specified number of ships and develop needed trends and data analysis routines.