Welcome to the Maritime Technology Cooperation Center for the Latin American Region (MTCC-Latin America) located in Panama City, Republic of Panama.
Our main objective is to facilitate and promote the adoption of efficient energy management technologies and practices for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships. We invite partners and stakeholders in this project to visit our website and participate in this initiative.

International Conference on Decarbonization in the maritime industry

The Maritime Technology Cooperation Center for Latin America (MTCC Latin America) and the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) are pleased to organize the first International Virtual Conference for 2021, with an in-depth debate of an important issue for the sustainability of the within the Maritime Sector: “Decarbonization in the Maritime Industry and the challenges for Latin America”.

This event will take place on April 28, 2021 (0900 to 1500 hrs. Panama LT / UTC -5), through the virtual platforms Microsoft Teams aiming to promote and empower the Maritime Industry on topics such as: the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, the implementation of new regulations that help reduce GHG emissions, and the adoption of new technologies and solutions for a sustainable shipping.

The substantive issues that will be analyzed in depth are linked to MARPOL Convention 73/78 Annex VI (Air Pollution), which determines the maritime standards, regulations, and protocols of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to prevent pollution by hydrocarbons, by harmful substances liquids transported in bulk; by harmful substances transported by sea in package form; by the dirty waters or garbage from ships; from the transport of dangerous goods, and from atmospheric pollution caused by ship emissions.

The conference opens countless opportunities for those involved in the maritime transport industry, as it will provide a broad view on the current situation, the compliance limitations and the recommendations that can enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the maritime industry in the Latin America region, through cooperation and partnerships.

The maritime Industry expects that energy consumption and CO2 emissions from ships could be reduced by up to 75% through the implementation of operational measures and the uptake of existing and new smart technologies.

This Conference will have the participation of Regional Maritime Authorities, as well as local and international maritime experts and specialists, who will share their work and relevant information on the Conference-related topic.

The MTCC Latin America was established in Panama as an IMO initiative, strategically located within the UMIP premises. Its primary objectives are framed in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change, through the promotion and adoption of efficient and sustainable low-carbon technologies and operations within the shipping industry.


In addition, The Conference targets to raise awareness on the implementation of policies, strategies and measures for the reduction of GHG emissions; as well as, establishing a data collection system on fuel consumption of ships to improve the understanding of shipowners and maritime administrations in this regard.

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