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The MTCC-Latin America has the privilege of being housed in the facilities of the International Maritime University of Panama, which provides the Center with access to a large pool of professional trainers in charge of forming future marine officers for the merchant marine, as well as researchers specializing in the use of marine resources. The UMIP also provides the MTCC-Latin America with various mechanisms for the dissemination of information and the administration structure, technology and facilities consistent with the development of knowledge.

The MTCC-Latin America also benefits from the strategic support provided by the President of UMIP, who is the highest authority of the University and an important contributor to the success of our Center.

The strategic direction and implementation of the activities of the MTCC-Latin America is carried out under the leadership of a group of professionals from the maritime and port sectors committed to the continuous improvement of the industry. The MTCC-Latin America also has the support of technical advisers specialized in the key areas of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions from ships.